If your day starts with singing in the shower while you dream of performing in front of an audience, you can make it a reality.

A startup called, aptly- “From mug to mike” is letting bathroom singers discover their passion for singing and take it to the next level by not only coaching them but also giving them a platform to perform.

From Mug to Mike has conducted over 350 workshops across cities like Mumbai, Trivandrum, Kochi, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and even Dubai, UAE!

The startup runs on a no age, genre and language bar premise which makes it highly inclusive. Run by a married couple based in Bangalore, the company has helped over 6000 participants find their inner voice, bridging the gap between the South-Indian music industry and Bollywood.

The five-year-old startup’s journey started with a rented studio in Chennai, where the very first workshop was conducted. Since then, there have been collaborations with singers such as Hariharan and Kumar Sanu. Sunil has also created Reboot, which according to him, is India’s first audio film and which narrates the story of a techie through music.

The brainchild of Sunil Koshy, a techie who has made it in both Bollywood and South-Indian music industry as a playback singer, vocal coach, and a music director.

The duo, Sunil Koshy, and Archana Hallikeri provide the workshop attendees with a slew of services such as:

1) The most important qualities that a professional singer should develop

2) Tips and tricks of professional singing

3) Misconceptions and myths about singing

4) Problems that singers generally face while singing

5) How to get over stage fright?

6) Recording in a studio and techniques

7) Voice Culture Techniques

8) Voice Analysis

They also record a song of the singer’s choosing in a professional studio at the end of the workshop. They also provide a recording along with a very detailed analysis of the singer’s voice and singing, highlighting their strengths and identifying the areas for improvement on email after the workshop.

The beginner’s workshop costs Rs. 2500 per person and many misconceptions about singing and music are busted along the process. You can check out their future events on their Facebook page or the website.

So if you’re looking to get into the groove in front of people who are in the same metaphorical bathroom with you, give this a shot!

Picture credits: todayindians.com


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