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Here’s what you can expect at PALM Soundscape 2018

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Palm Soundscape, which is India’s biggest forum on DJing, Electronic Music Production and Entertainment Event management is happening from May 31st till June 2nd, 2018.

As the forum comes closer to the date, the star-studded panelists have already got us stoked.

Day One

The first day features DJ Reji on the opening address and “Its Prime Time” workshop by Frank Hahn.

Following that is a panel discussion called “Psy-Fidelity” moderated by Nitin Mahajan, featuring Azad Zaidi, Brian Fernandes, Starling D’Souza and Tarun Shahani.

Another panel discussion featuring bigwigs like Antonio Morino, Gaurav Bhambri, Klaus Koberie and Nikunj Patel will discuss the stage essentials “Delivering Big Stage Lights and Visuals” moderated by Dhanya Pilo.

The day will end with the announcement of the Finalists of the DJ Championship.

Day Two

June 1st will start with a panel on “Artist Management: Beyond the Avatar” featuring Ayush Arora, Nitin Gadhok, Rahul Sinha and Siddhant Kapoor, moderated by Mae Thomas.

The afternoon will commence with a Roland DJ 808 Masterclass with Karan Vig.

Another panel discussion will focus on “Delivering Big Stage Sound” with Fali Damania, Ganesh Kumar, Sanatana Davis, David Scheirman and Manish Mavani moderated by Sigmund Quadros.

The panel discussions will end with Suprateek Chatterjee moderating a panel on “Artist, Repertoire, and Publishing” with names such as Mo Joshi, Shatadru Sarkar, Abhishek Patil and Subarna Roy.

Ravinder Pathak will also take a workshop in the evening on “Role of Copyright Societies”.

The night will end with the DJ Championship Finale and announcement of the winners.

Day Three

The festival ends with panel discussions; first namely “The Great Indian Touring Phenomenon” featuring Arjun Andotra, Balaji Manoharan, Kyle Pereira, & Laiq Qureshi moderated by Bhanuj Kappal.

Another discussion “Delivering Big Stage Festivals” will conclude the night featuring Munbir Chawla, Varun Khare, Mohit Dhavale, and Sameet Sharma moderated by Reji.

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