Independent musicians have a lot of concerns in India but possibly the biggest hurdle is ‘booking a gig’. In Delhi, where there are multiple venues that provide a stage to talent, the planning, profits and conditions are usually left to the organizers or the venue owners, leaving artists with the shorter end of the stick.

Lemonade Social is an app that is trying to change the game by simplifying gig planning by connecting people who are willing to give out space for hosting gigs and the audience with the artists, directly.

It empowers artists to create intimate experiences of any scale with three swipes on a smartphone, and grow their own communities of fans from the ground-up.

The platform is structured as a marketplace with automated payments, which means that the artists get to call all of the shots.

How does it work

The Lemonade Social app is a community comprising of three stakeholders:

Creators: artists, musicians, cooks, bakers, bartenders, etc. looking to monetize their skills

Hosts: people looking to monetize their real-estate (livingrooms/rooftops/farmhouses), support the independent arts and music community, and/or save money by hosting instead of going out to a bar/restaurant

Guests: people who prefer hanging out at house parties over going to bars/restaurants.

Artist-first approach

The platform allows anyone to create experiences and invite guests using their contacts or through a web link.

It also gives artists an additional source of income on their own time, while easing the hassles of organizing, inviting, coordinating, promoting, collecting payments.

Creators have the option to link their bank account and collect contributions for experiences. Lemonade collects and automatically deposits all contributions to the creator’s bank account within 7-10 days of the experience and takes a 5% commission for the same.

Another great feature of the app is that creators and hosts can connect and co-create experiences together. As a creator/host, you can decide your privacy settings to make the experience as intimate or public as you want. To add a layer of security on top of the privacy settings, the exact location of the experience is only unlocked for confirmed/approved guests.

Kritarth Chhabra, Co-founder, Lemonade Social said that the response to the app has been promising, “Our team consists of five people working remotely between India, US, Vietnam and Netherlands. We have been in Delhi for about 2 months but the app is global, and expansion depends entirely on resources.” The company hopes to expand further in India and some European markets in the next three months.

Impact on the music industry

It’s adding to the music industry by giving it a new vertical while giving the audience a choice that was either non-existent or tedious to discover before.

It’s a meta-community of people who prefer to get off social media and experience the world offline.

You can check out the app here.


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