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Amarjit Singh Batra, Former CEO, OLX India, likely to Head Spotify India!

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Amarjit Singh Batra, the CEO, and founder of the OLX India business is Likely To Be Spotify India’s Country Head!

While the official announcement is said to be in May 2018, we are delighted to hear that the Indian office of the worlds biggest music company is looking forward to a promising leadership.

With over a decade’s worth of his experience at OLX, Batra has been instrumental in building OLX India as the leader in the online classifieds space in India gaining over 75% market share today. The company began to aggressively advertise in India in 2011, under Batra’s leadership. OLX said it had 60% of the online classified market share in India in 2013, with 80% of usage on mobile. OLX said 1.5 billion monthly page views were generated from India in 2014. Morgan Stanley called OLX the “undisputed leader in India” in a 2013 report.

In 2016, OLX said about 72% of all used cars sold monthly in India were from transactions on the site. The number of used car sales on the site in India grew 100 percent in 2016 from 2015. About 200,000 vehicles with a value of $1 billion are sold monthly on the site compared to 95,000 cars worth $470 million in 2015.

Prior to his time at OLX, Amarjit Singh Batra, headed New Business & Global Trade, at eBay India office!

Amarjit Singh Batra To Lead The India Office Of The World’s Largest Streaming Platform, SPOTIFY

Batra, a Delhi resident, is likely to be based out of Mumbai, steering the India operations from Spotify’s Mumbai Office. He will lead one of the worlds largest music companies. After a decade, this start-up from Sweden has proved itself a worthy adversary, with 157 million users around the world, 71 million of whom pay for subscriptions. That is about twice the number of its closest competitor, Apple, which finally entered the subscription game three years ago.

India is going to be a challenging market for Spotify, and also will be a new wave having Indian music to be seen on a global map! With the diversity this country represents, and the price sensitive market as it is, Spotify might want to have a more localized approach for its Indian market.

On Tuesday, in a ritual of success for any start-up, Spotify’s shares will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange with a valuation that could exceed $20 billion.  Spotify has been growing at a rapid rate globally and has the largest distribution network in the world. What’s interesting to note here is that Spotify’s path ahead is unclear. The company has never turned a profit. Its competition is still a field of giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google, and in India Saavn, Wynk, Gaana are topping the charts.

Under the leadership of Amarjit Singh Batra, Spotify it is certain it tops the charts, he has proven to conquer the market of online classified space, and now it’s time for the Indian Streaming Market!


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