Wrap Up: Jazz India Circuit’s Season Finale

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Jazz lovers in the city were treated to an exciting finale of the Jazz India Circuit, currently one of India’s most eclectic jazz festivals.

The show featured Grammy award Nominee Jamison Ross as the headlining act and Jim Porto from Brazil, collaborating with Still Waters.

Loudest Contributor Gayathri Natarajan walked in to the event during the last hour of sound check where the opening band of students and teachers of One World College of Music were setting the atmosphere.

The scene was set at the venue, One Golden Mile.

Volunteers were at their stations, the mirror-finish bar was ready, and the food stalls were firing up their kababs. The shimmering twilight vibrated with anticipation, with the team taking care of minute finishing details like soft candles to line the pathways.  As Jamison Ross would later say between songs,

It feels great here. It’s an event, but feels like a cozy home setting.

The Jazz India Circuit had recently hosted legendary drummer Dave Weckto a grand reception here, in February. Whetting the appetite of jazz-lovers across the country, Teamwork Arts’ endeavour through the Jazz India Circuit launched in Gurgaon, and moved on to Goa for the Goa International Jazz Live festival before coming back to the National Capital for spectacular performances at the finale.

The opening act was followed by the pure energy of Jim Puorto, collaborating with Goa based Lester Godinho and Still Waters.

Brazilian musician Jim Porto studied the piano in his hometown, Rio Grande, mixing classical with samba and Bossa Nova, and gaining fame rapidly. By the age of 20, he was well-known on the stages of his adopted city and the heart of Brazilian beat: Rio de Janeiro from where his touring career took off throughout Latin America. Jim visited Goa in 2017 and was introduced to Lester Godinho, the lead and the drummer of the band, Still Waters.

Appearing behind the sleek grand piano in a bright sequined silver jacket, armed with impossible energy, a mini tambourine and an addictive dance, Jim Puorto started warming the crowd to their feet. With his signature Brazilian sound with haunting melodies and fusion of jazz‐samba‐Afro-funk with Still Waters, the night was starting the drown out the sound of the aeroplanes flying over the venue.

And then arrived Jamison Ross and his band.

The crowd was treated to pure joy as what followed with Jamison Ross epitomises soul. A composer, arranger, vocalist and drummer, Jamison combined his gifts to present a unique offering to the world of jazz. The drum solos were there. So was the deep complexity of the upright bass. Soulful melodies were there. However, the audience was not in their seats, tapping feet and comparing their notes on knowledge of jazz. They were jumping, grooving and singing with Jamison Ross, who seemed to be speaking to the audience, telling a story of enjoyable jazz music.

The Jazz India Circuit has taken music lovers on a journey of rhythm and melody of all origins this year. With good discerning audience, the hope is that they curate even better shows in their next edition. Stay tuned on Loudest find out more about the artists’ experience and the founder story of Jazz India Circuit.

Gayathri Natarajan is a Musician and a Communications professional from Hyderabad, presently living in Gurgaon. She is adamant on unraveling as much about music as she can, while motorcycling her way through the country.

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