Dhruv Visvanath surprised us immensely with the release of his song ‘Jungle’ along with a scintillating video, announcing that he had a new album titled ‘The Lost Cause’ on the way. Since the release of the song, he’s been playing shows around the country and continuing the journey in his own way. There’s been another massive development though! He released another single from the upcoming album titled ‘Wild’ on the 23rd of February! Since then, the song has been featured by Saavn and has reached to the top of the iTunes Weekly Charts! This song also features violin player Ajay Jayanthi. For people who haven’t watched Dhruv live in a while, Ajay has now been playing the violin live with him as well.

Dhruv describes the song as follows,

The first single of the album talked about a cathartic release of creative energy. Wild, speaks of the want and desire to go back to times more innocent. It only took a small photograph from my childhood to really put the song into perspective.”

That’s my dad, my brother and I, walking through the forests of Coorg. My mother hurriedly took out the camera to take a picture of the three of us like this. That memory to me is immortal, bathed in innocence and a sense of wonder. That’s what “Wild” is to me. This song almost feels as if it took me years to write, and I feel rather proud that I managed to record it and do it justice.”

Although his description of the song and his intent towards it might feel come across as innocent, it is important to understand that conveying those thoughts wrapped up into one single piece of music is very hard. This is something that I appreciate about Dhruv very much. He manages to take this one thought or a concept, latch onto it and project it with musical prowess I haven’t seen or heard in a long time. The vocal melodies are haunting, complementing his guitar work beautifully. Jayanthi’s work on the track really adds this lost element, which makes everything sound very round and complete. The song starts off with just the guitars and his voice and eventually bursts into a combination of his percussive guitar work, an array of violins and lush reverbs. The song is much more subtle than the earlier single ‘Jungle’, but that’s what it needs and that’s what Dhruv intended. It’s a small glimpse into this memory he cherishes and wishes to preserve till the end of his days. But that’s not enough, the song will also soon be accompanied by a brand new music video! I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak into it and all I can say is, his fans will not be disappointed for even one frame. If you haven’t had a listen to the song yet, make sure you do here:


It’s inspiring to see an Independent Artist like Dhruv who’s put in a lot of years and work into his craft and music be appreciated! If you thought his songs and shows weren’t enough, he’s currently in the United States to play the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. He has also recently been endorsed by the Dehradun Guitar Company! From all the members at Loudest including myself, we wish Dhruv the best of luck for his upcoming show, his eventual album release and his musical journey into the future!

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