Loudest Wishes To A. R. Rahman

Modern Technology and development in the Music Recording Industry has given rise to a great amount of access to any musician wanting to create music and make a career out of the same. In the early 1990s, India saw the emergence of an artist that would change the history of Indian music. In an in-house studio, a young A.R. Rahman composed music for a Tamil film titled ‘Roja’. From that point in time, this recording studio called Panchathan Record Inn and the man behind it would rise to great heights! If you still don’t know who A.R. Rahman is, he’s the one who’s probably written most of your childhood Bollywood soundtracks that you would dance and rejoice to – Rangeela, Tal, Dil Se, Chaiyya Chaiyya, Swades, Rang De Basanti, Nayak, Jodha Akbar etc., the list is beyond incredible!

Taking Indian Music To A Global Level

Whilst most composers were making a name inside India and Bollywood, Rahman was thinking above and beyond! As early as 2002, he was doing scores for International films all around the world. One of the first International projects he undertook was for a Palestinian movie called Divine Intervention. He would further go on to lend his talents to Hollywood and beyond in Couples Retreat and the Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning Slumdog Millionaire! If that wasn’t enough, he lent his music to James Franco starred 127 Hours, People Like Us, Million Dollar Arm and so on.

A Pioneer Of Music, Rising from the Ashes!

Every musician starting their career wonders when they’ll make it big or when they’ll make their mark in the world. If they’re looking for any inspirations, A.R. Rahman is certainly one of them! After sadly losing his father at the young age of 9 and making his family survive by renting his father’s old musical equipment, Rahman used his musical abilities and persevered until he met his milestones! After so many influential works and countless awards, he still continues to reinvent himself in new ways and tries to keep evolving continuously!

He recently released his Concert Film titled ‘One Heart’ in September last year! You can read the Loudest feature on that here: http://loudest.in/2017/09/08/grand-premiere-musical-genius-r-rahmans-one-heart-concert-film/

We at Loudest wish Mr. A.R. Rahman the happiest of birthdays and applaud him for all the work he has done, which inspires musicians around the world every single day!

One Heart Project & AR Rahman Foundation continues to give back to the community as much as possible. His continuous efforts of launching newer talent every now & then. AR Rahman’s production has been a launchpad to 100s of newer voices. His orchestra, his live stage production is one of it’s kind too! His works, personality, everything about him is unmatched.

On this note, we wish you a very happy birthday Sir A.R. Rahman! 

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