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5 Rock & Metal Acts That Made A LOT Of Noise In 2017

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Merry Christmas everyone! The year is at its end and we’ve some absolutely wonderful music being released throughout. If you’re still wondering what you missed, here’s a list of 5 Rock/Metal bands that emerged out into the Indie Music Scene with the bang in the year of 2017! You still have 6 days to listen to them before the year ends. So what are you waiting for? Get listening NOW!


1. Kraken

Photo by Rudraksh Banerjee

Delhi Math Prog boys Kraken. have slowly been rising up through the ranks over the past years playing their unique style of music influenced by all things pretty and in 2017 they finally established their place in the circuit. Their first official release ‘Lush’ in September absolutely blew people’s minds away! That was followed up by an explosive set at the NH7 Weekender in Pune! They’ve recently acquired the forces of Suyash Gabriel and Amar Pandey, which has only made their sound tighter and more focused than ever before! If you’re in for something bouncy, yet exciting to listen to, you should definitely check them out.

Listen to their EP here: 

Apple Music:


2. The Minerva Conduct

Photo by Himanshu Rohilla

The Minverva Conduct is an Instrumental Progressive Metal band hailing from Mumbai. It is one of the many incredible projects that Mumbai based Guitar Player and Musician Prateek Rajagopal is a part of. The band also features bass player Ashwin Shriyan (ex-Demonic Resurrection and Reptilian Death) and guitar player Nishith Hegde (Demonic Resurrection, ex-Albatross). They had released a few singles in the past, but finally made their first impression on listeners with their debut self titled album in July via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Artwork by ShePaintsWithBlood

The album is not only a powerhouse of Progressive Metal music, but also features none other than Navene Koperweis from the American Tech-Metal Band Entheos. With a recent show under Twelve Foot Ninja and the album being featured in the list of Top 20 albums of 2017 by Metal Injection, this is one band you would certainly want to catch in the coming year.

Listen to their album here: 


3. Submarine in Space

Artwork by Daksh Jain

Submarine In Space is an Instrumental Progressive/Psychedelic Rock band founded by New Delhi based Guitar extraordinaire Abhishek Mittal in the year of 2017. Being known for his guitar work in various other projects, this solo project see’s some of Delhi’s best Indie musicians come together to make some wonderful music. 2017 saw the release of some of their singles, which were produced and recorded by Gaurav Chintamani of Advaita. With highlight shows at The Piano Man Jazz Cafe and Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR, the band has certainly made a mark in the Delhi music scene.

Listen to their music here: 

4. Mute The Saint

Progressive Metal band Mute The Saint is the brainchild of none other than Rishabh Seen, the world’s first Metal Sitar player that made his mark in 2016 through his various Metal Sitar Covers. The year of 2017 saw the release of the bands first self titled record and was featured exclusively on Metal Injection. Since the release, the band and Rishabh have seen a lot of exposure.

Rishabh himself has been touring around the country playing songs off the record, which gets.a huge response each and every time. Not only that, 2018 will see Rishabh take the songs of the band to none other than the UK Tech Fest.

Listen to their album here: 




5. Warwan

Lastly, we have another Progressive Metal/Djent band from Delhi called Warwan. They made their entry into the Indie Music scene in late 2016 and basically released a plethora of music with a music video for each song in the year of 2017. With the blend of complicated guitar work merged with tight breakdowns and incredible vocals, their songs are a wonderful mix of a wonderful punch in your face with poppy melodies you can sing along to. Also, they’re the only band to this style with Hindi lyrics. Catch them on January 10th at Anti-Social opening for American Progressive Metal giants Veil Of Maya.

Listen to their music here: 


Know any other Indie bands that made it big in the year 2017? Let us know! Until then, check out all these bands before the new year rolls in with a plethora of new releases! 

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