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Connecting The Dots At All About Music

Two Days Full Of Networking, Learning, Collaborating and celebrating the music industry at All About Music
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TM Talent Management by Tarsame Mittal brought the entire music community together over a period of 2 days, September 18-19, 2017. The conference was curated with the objective of the need for the music industry to be educated in the music business, and lack of a dedicated forum to create an ecosystem. All About Music, supporting and bringing the entire music community together. 

Tarsame Mittal

“India is currently one of the world’s biggest music markets that caters to 1.3 billion people and is valued at 14 billion INR and is expected to touch 25.4 billion INR by 2021. All About Music is a platform curated to put the spotlight on the potential of the Indian music industry and set new benchmarks and goals. The objective is to bring together all the different stakeholders of the music industry together on an exclusive platform to amplify the future of music.” Said Tarsame Mittal




The conference got SOLD-OUT a day prior to the event. Despite tickets being priced slightly on the higher side, it was incredible to see the music community wanted to invest into a learning and networking experience.  The conference saw a footfall of approximately 1000+ delegates. The conference focused on highlighting key issues that the industry is facing today. 

The Curators, Co-Curators, and Supporters

TM Talent Management team pulled off first of its kind gathering. Tarsame and team have done an incredible work in curation and bringing the top leaders across all panels. Unlike most conferences, the panels had all industry experts, for every panel category. The team got on board multiple supporters and curators to push the conference. The minds behind the informative panels, workshops, keynotes included Mr.Blaise Fernandes, President, IMI, Devraj Sanyal, CEO, Universal Music, Vijay Nair, OML, Priyanka Khimani, Anand & Anand & Khimani, Roshan Abbas, Ecompass, Sabbas Joseph, Director, Wizcraft, Sunny M.R., to name a few. The key supporters for the conference included IPRS, IMI, KWAN, OML, Times Music, Phonographic Digital Ltd., QYUKI, Universal Music, Music composers and association of India and OST. Beyond these leading companies, media partners stepped up and supported the conference too.

“The conference is an unreal experience, having the entire music business coming together, artists, filmmakers, everyone only to discuss music, which is awesome!”, said Shekhar Ravijiani, while Amitabh Bhattacharya expressed “So many interesting minds in the same room is a surreal experience”.

The Workshops, Panels & Speakers

Arijit Singh, Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravijiani, Amit Trivedi, Ankit Tewari, Sunidhi Chauhan to name a few legendary musicians making the conference experience more grand, and exciting. The other key stakeholders of the music industry included top executive leaders, from all record labels, associations, brands, media, and more. 

The panel sessions and the various workshops were knowledge oriented, focusing on tackling issues in the music industry and informing the attendees about future trends. Sessions like All about Content, all about marketing and distribution, all about social media, Twitter for music, Facebook for Music were focused on curating the right kind of content, structuring it and pushing it out to the right audience, educating and informing them. 

All about regional music, Keynote panels, In conversation with Vishal & Shekhar and In conversation with Amitabh Bhattacharya, Sunidhi Chauhan, Arijit Singh connected the dots between focusing on music. How to go about songwriting, how to connect your music with your audience, how music is not just about songwriting, learning to have a source of income while efficiently utilising your talents to the maximum potential were a few interesting topics that were discussed.  Legal and copyrights, one great panel discussing everything that you must know.

Overall, the conference was a standout because it created an air of learning, experiencing, collaborating and experimenting with the least talked about issues in the music industry today. Each panel consisted of experts at a global level aiding a deeper analysis of the music industry as a whole. 

The Networking Experience

The entire industry, starters, aspirers came together to exchange ideas, collaborate, learn, and above all, meet the industry leaders. All About Music facilitated this experience, via creating excellent open networking forums. Engaging intimate workshops, the connect corner, wine & cheese dinners, and networking parties, they all contributed towards creating an environment more approachable, and comfortable for a networking experience. The speakers, and curators, all were very approachable and humble. It was the first time the entire community gathered together to support each other, and drive growth.

The conference’s highlights were many, while the special in conversation with the stars panels were our favorite. Arijit Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan made the all about music evenings grander, one that we will all cherish a lifetime. This conference was a much-needed forum, and the entire industry celebrated togetherness, set goals, collaborated and rejoiced every moment.

The conference’s debut edition has kicked off exceptionally well and showed the hunger for learning within the music industry. This conference definitely filled an important need gap.