In Conversation with Demonstealer, Sahil Makhija

Demonstealer Collaborating with Worlds Best Extreme Metal Drummers!
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Sahil Makhija has been a constant in the Independent Metal Music Scene in India for more than 20 years now. With many projects under his belt, his career has spanned various bands and a variety of sounds under the Heavy Metal genre. Just when you think he’s done with doing something different and unique, he comes out with something else! This time, It’s  a Solo EP under his stage name, Demonstealer featuring a collection of tracks which will feature undoubtedly four of the worlds best Extreme Metal Drummers you could possibly think of. Jaw drop in 3,2,1 – Kevin Paradis (Benighted), Krihm Kerim (Septicflesh), David Diepold (Cognizance) and Romain Goulon (ex-Necrophagist).

With a Pledge Campaign that has already met its 100% goal, I had a conversation with the main man behind the concept of this EP and further:

Loudest: First of all, a big thank you for doing this! For people who don’t know you, would you like to give an introduction?

Demonstealer: It’s my pleasure. I’m just a bloke from India who loves metal music and has been following his dreams of making a living playing death metal.   My band is called Demonic Resurrection, I call myself Demonstealer and I’ve been actively writing and performing since the last 17 years. I also run a small home studio, ran a record label and was an event promoter for some time as well. I also am now a full-time YouTuber running a channel called Headbanger’s Kitchen.  I also had 2 other musical projects, one of them a comedy rock band called Workshop and a death metal band called Reptilian Death.

Loudest: You’ve made a lot of records throughout your career, spanning various styles of Heavy Metal. What do you think this EP brings to your palette?

Demonstealer:: For me, this EP is kind of born from the loss of my project Reptilian Death. I was unable to find musicians and gave up on that project after a great comeback in 2012. So while this is under my solo moniker this brings in my love of death metal. So it’s definitely going to be more straightforward compared to the last album and there will be less singing on it and it will probably just me more aggressive and in your face material. I guess I leave it to people to listen to it and tell me what they think about it.

Loudest: You have four absolutely insane drummers on this EP playing all the songs. Were these songs made in regards to their playing style?

Demonstealer: The songs weren’t writing keeping their styles in mind. It was more about keeping the tempo in mind. Like with the song I’m doing with Kevin, he uploaded a clip of him playing at the Benighted song at 270bpm and I was like shit I’ve never been able to write a song at 270bpm because no Indian drummer can play it so I just put the click on and wrote the song. The song for Krimh and David were kind of older Reptilian Death ideas

Loudest: As you have done before, you’ve set up this EP on PledgeMusic. In your experience, how is Crowdfunding different from other means of selling/sharing your music and do you think it is a model that will survive?

Demonstealer: Crowdfunding for me is more about being able to share the process with the hardcore fans. It’s only those fans that believe you’ll deliver a kickass product that will put their money upfront without even hearing a song or seeing the artwork. I love the process of sharing things with them in advance, be it news, artwork previews, scratch track ideas etc. That’s not something you get with the regular sale of your music. Also, I keep most of the pre-order packages very simple and related to the music or merch. Earlier on I’d done some dinner/cooking rewards which I’ve stopped now. I prefer to keep it simple.

Loudest:  You have also delved into immense story writing when it come to your music. Can we expect something thematic from this one too?

Demonstealer: I do like writing stories and having them evolve through the music, tell you a tale through a song. I think here it might not be a concept album as such but there will be some sequence of events and the lyrics and titles will sort of tell that story.

Loudest: With so many things on your plate, what would you say the are the best methods to manage your time on a large number of projects?

Demonstealer: I have my priorities straight and I have a schedule in place and I work hard at what I do. I do wing it quite a bit depending on how the universe decides to behave but it’s pretty much down to me wanting to do something and then making the time to do it.

Loudest: Considering you’re the head chef at Headbangers Kitchen, if this EP could be a dish – what would it be called and what would it comprise of? (Non-Keto option appreciated ?)

Demonstealer: Hahaha this would be one of those turduckin things which is like a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig. So maybe a pigeon in a chicken in a duck in a turkey in a pig, covered in bacon and smoked.

Loudest: What is your ultimate goal with this EP? Does the sound/content foreshadow another Demonstealer record?

Demonstealer: The goal is always the same, make it, hopefully don’t lose money and then write the next one. I would love for a fuck ton of people to listen to it, maybe like 100,000 people but that’s just me dreaming

There are many bands/artists that have come and gone in the scene, but Sahil Makhija is one artist that has remained clear on what he has always wanted to do. It’s great to see him being a role model for many musicians who want to do something with their musical abilities. Call it Thick Skin or just belief in oneself, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can slow down Mr. Makhija. You never know, there might be something else he adds to his repertoire of madness sooner than you expect! Until then, head onto his Pledge Campaign and get yourself a copy of his upcoming solo EP:

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