Find Out What Is Indian Music Industry’s Oxygen!

Getting To Know Deepak Gattani, Director, Rapport Productions Pvt. Ltd.  

Deepak Gattani needs absolutely no introduction in the Indian Music Industry. He’s the man behind large-scale high production events of the legendary musicians of India, including A.R. Rahman, Hariharan, Karthik, Kavitha Seth, Lata Mangeshkar, Niti Mohan, Mohit Chauhan and the list goes on really. There are people who work for the media and there are some who become the media themselves, after long, fruitful stints in it. Deepak Gattani belongs to the latter set. He has made his mark in marketing, modeling, advertising, Live and TV, Direction and is now inching towards film direction. His contribution towards the Indian music industry goes over 25 years!

The Key Point Deepak Gattani addresses in the video is the lack of support from “media channels” or the problem of not having enough dedicated platforms in India publishing music content. The lack of a medium to provide the overdue exposure to the music content creators. It is possible that India is not a musically curious audience due to the absence of quality content or only film music being fed via broadcast, radio, digital platforms.

Call For Action!

Deepak Gattani’s call for action to the media distribution network is that they step-up and assist the music industry.  To open and improve the platforms by funneling the content, focus on curation, feed the audience with fresh and quality content, alongside film music content regularly in order to move things around. We need to have more music on these channels! One would observe a music consumption behavior change from the audience. You’d be surprised to note in our audiences, from being inclined to listening to only film music, these consumers would move to being curious after having the option of discovering new independent music as well via these platforms. Afterall, these old & new media platforms connect the entire country, and the non-film music industry needs them as much as the film industry does.


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