World’s leading audio streaming service might soon be made available in India.

If it was 2017 and you asked me If I use Spotify, I would have said: “Yes, through VPN!”. Times are changing and for better. This is 2018 and Spotify has already an office in India. Can you even guess what that means?

We might even get to use the services soon enough in India. For those who do not know what Spotify, it is a music, podcast, and video streaming service based out of  Stockholm. The service is available in most parts of Europe, The Americas, Australia and New Zealand, and Parts of Asia. However, the service is yet to be made available in India.

With reports suggesting that Spotify set up shop in Mumbai last year and might even start offering services to Indians. However, it is not the first audio streaming service. While our guess says, it’s between Delhi & Mumbai. and Saavn have already had some success in the Indian market. Saavn has close to 41 million downloads while with close to 50 Million downloads, it would be interesting to see Spotify hold its own in India.

Popularity of Music Streaming Services in India (According to Google Trends)

Some of the major challenges that the European service might face is getting regional and traditional music onboard. Also, understanding the consumer behavior in such a large landscape and dynamic nation would stand to test Spotify with successful competition already in place.

At present, Spotify boasts of more than 140 million monthly active users and more than 70 million paying subscribers. With the numbers, Spotify is almost at double the number of paying subscribers of Apple Music which hit 36 Million recently. While Amazon Prime Music was also announced recently by Amazon India. Seems like the world finally knows how much of India listens to music, every day.

Pricing is not such a big issue for Spotify. As it is a freemium service which means that you can listen/stream for free while a premium account gets you HQ songs that are downloadable and can be played offline. The premium account cost $9.99 per month in the US and most part of the world. It costs almost the same as the premium for Apple Music. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to know if Spotify makes it premium services available at Apple Music’s price which is Rs. 1200 per year or Rs. 120 per month.

Here are some open-ended questions that we’d like to find answers to,

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