Within a span of 1 year ODD Recordings have been consistently releasing Tracks on Digital Platforms revered by Techno Enthusiasts all over the globe. This Indo-Spanish label started by Arjun Vagale and Ramiro Lopez has taken the Techno world by storm and now ahead of their first Wax release ODDWax #001, I had a chat with Arjun on his latest venture, future plans and the current Vinyl market.


1. Raw Techno and Vinyl is a perfect combination. What was your thought process behind this record release?

I’m a huge vinyl junkie and have been since I started playing music over 20 years ago! I always wanted to start my own label and press vinyl, but times change, digital took over and the physical medium became very small & extremely expensive. When we started ODD recordings, we always had a plan to do vinyls if the label was successful, but in just one year, we had amazing sales of each release (digitally) so we decided to press our first vinyl release.

 2. Will there be more releases of other types of electronica in their wax form in the future under a different ODD franchise? 

 Yes there most certainly will – we don’t know how many we will do each year, but we will do our bit to keep vinyl alive.

3. Apart from online order, where else will these Vinyls be available for purchase?

They are available at good record stores around the world (a lot of the physical stores also have online portals)

4. Do you think the Indian market is ready for a Vinyl Release and what makes you think so?

 Well, there are a lot of DJ’s now playing vinyl in India. I myself play a few vinyl only gigs each year, but this is a global release with a limited pressing – and I just got news that its already sold out at one of the bigger stores in Germany – It’s a good sign.

5. With the streaming business soaring through the roof, what impact do you plan to achieve globally through record releases?

There is no stopping the digital revolution, its the future. However, for some of us, we have this love affair with vinyl. I know a lot of great labels have kept this medium alive even during the tough times. So now, that I am able, I want to play my part and keep vinyl alive.

6. Apart from Vinyl Djs who else are you targeting through Vinyl Releases?

Its mostly for DJ’s, dance music enthusiasts, or vinyl lovers.

7. Any plans of forming an ODD roster of Homegrown Vinyl Djs from either Spain or India?

I do a lot to promote vinyl in India, including showcases – so yes, there will be a lot more shows in the future.


According to Arjun, Odd Recordings aims to create something new and unusual.  Label heads Arjun Vagale & Ramiro Lopez have carefully curated their digital releases over the last year with many a track charting Techno Charts globally.  Now for the first time Odd Recordings music will be available on Vinyl via their new ODDWAX series. Includes four hits that shot-up through the charts and with plays all over the globe.
India Pre Order will go online at the all exclusive ODD Recordings Merchandise Store: www.oddshop.in .
Pre Order now and get your Vinyl signed by the bosses themselves (Limited to 10 copies only) 


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