Initially started out as a jam pad and studio, SoundSpeaks has over the last two years also stepped into booking, curating and producing electronic music shows and international tours. Alongside this, the company also started a talent management agency. In the last year alone, they have done over 100 shows with the artists from their agency and other talent from India and abroad like Martin Roth, Drumcomplex, Konstantin Sibold, Hilight Tribe, Lyktum, Arjun Vagale, Blot! to name a few.

They have executed various underground music properties, among which Bassface festival and international tour property witnessed a massive turn out in February 2017 at Auro, SummerHouse Cafe and Bandstand in New Delhi with a massive turnout of over 3000 attendees via guest-list. This year they are bringing down Danny Howells on the 25th of February at The Junction with prominent Indian producers Hoax and FILM along with SoundSpeak in-house producers Murklin and Decisions.
We recently spoke to Agam Walia from SoundSpeaks about this years property. Read here below:

Loudest: What is the process of bringing down big artists to Delhi?  

Agam: I’ve been in touch with a bunch of agencies across the globe for over 5 years, generally we get notified if someone’s touring Asia. We also contact international agencies inquiring about our favourite artists every now and then. It’s also important to work hand in hand with other agencies in India. Bleep did a fabulous job of bringing down Danny for an India tour.

Loudest: How did it pan out with Danny Howels. What were some of the challenges faced?

Agam: It’s always difficult to pull off a show on Sunday but with the change in the electronic scene in India over the last couple of years we’ve realised it’s worth taking that risk. Though I personally think the real challenge will be the sound, we really want the audience to have an overwhelming audio experience but as it’s a sundowner and outdoor the cops sometimes create issues. Hoping for the best.

Loudest: You got some really talented artists to open the set. What was your selection criterion for the curation?

Agam: FILM is a super versatile DJ and the perfect set after Danny. Hoax on the other hand has established himself as one of the finest opening acts in the country. We also have Decisions & Murklin from the soundspeaks crew and our dear friend Seera starting the gig.

Loudest: You landed a deal with Kingfisher for the event, how did that come about and how is the brand adding value to the event?

Agam: Kingfisher has supported us from the beginning. They were our good times partner in last year’s show as well. It’s definitely a great deal both for the audience and the brand. It’s only because of there constant support we are not charging an entry fees for the show but giving full covers. The damage on the gate is just 500 buks and we’ll be giving two kingfisher premium beers for that.

Loudest: What is up next for SoundSpeaks?

Agam: A lot of surprises coming up for New Delhi. Unlike last year where we did a bunch of shows all over the country. We are focusing more on creating bigger shows in Delhi this year.
Our aim is to make Bassface a monthly project in 2018.

Loudest: What is your opinion on the Delhi crowd with respect to live electronic music?

Agam: We definitely have a lot of educated crowd as far as electronic music is concerned and it’s getting better and better.

Loudest: Do you see electronic music growing bigger in the city and the country?

Agam: As I have mentioned before, the scene is definitely changing. Ten years back people hardly knew what was deephouse/techno/tech house and other genres and subgenres of electronic music. I feel India in time to come will be one of the biggest markets of electronic music in the world. We are already not far behind.
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